It has been 2 years since the blog is updated… and within that 2 years, a lot of things happened that I myself couldn’t fathom. But, it feels good to be back, Alhamdulillah.

So, where should I start? As of previous post – which is pretty obvious – yes, I was pregnant. Hence, from this post onward, I will be blogging on my pregnancy journey to motherhood. First and foremost, kindly accept my apologies:

I am aware that it can be hurtful to some of you to read on, when you want nothing more than a baby of your own. I do understand the situation others are in; those having to cope with a loss, those who are trying very hard to conceive, and those who have been waiting for so long – I apologize.

It was indeed very selfish of me, as what I am about to write might not be what others would thought of as joyful moments.

I was never good with kids, toddlers especially. I simply can’t deal with their antics.¬†F and I did not plan to have one very soon, though. Yes, you might say that we somehow planned, but indeed, He is the best of all planners.

It was hard for us to accept the fact at first. It was supposed to be the opposite, right? Any other sane married couples would be jumping for joy to receive this kind of news, but we were still in denial. People would be saying, “Eh dekni dah kenapa?! Orang lain sibuk nak anak, dorg dah dapat anak tapi tak nak anak, wth!”

Well, we have our own reasons, but financial stability being number one. Just imagine, savings depleted and have yet to replenish, what more the both of us are not earning enough to feed an extra mouth.

It would be easy for others to say, “Rezeki anak nanti ada.” Yes, we believe in that too. But it really caught us by surprise that it took a few weeks for reality to sink in. Yup, it was that bad. F sought out advises from his friends and apparently, a few things happened that made us realize, this is what has been planned and written for us, and we should be thankful.

We were given stories of couples trying to conceive, we even have friends who waited for many years until they had their first, and not to forget watching Belaian Kasih on Suria that made us insaf and be grateful to Him for what He had bestowed upon us.

I have a feeling now, that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready – there is only now.

So I guess, it would be a learning journey for the both of us. I mean, all of the above, coming from me, changed of impressions, right? ūüėõ

Well, for all we know, He is indeed the best of all planners. After the birth of our firstborn, F had a career switch. He remained unemployed for about 4 months, before he finally got his dream job with a better pay and prospect.

Now this, this is what we call as rezeki anak, Alhamdulillah. This turn of event made us realize that, Allah tu tak zalim, Dia Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat hamba-hambaNya. Cuma kita je yang tak tahu bersyukur dengan nikmat yang diberikan.

Shortly afterwards, I was pregnant again, with number two. I was really embarrassed at first, thinking of what people might say due to the short gap. Some gave comments like, “Wah, you so fertile ah.” or, “Rajinnya buat anak.” and even, “Cepatnya! Tak sabar-sabar ke?” Pffft.

But we also received constructive comments like, “Baguslah dapat lagi satu, jadi ada kawan main-main.” and, “It’s a good gap, so they can grow up together.” also, “Rezeki Tuhan kasi, ada orang susah nak dapat anak.”

And so, we embraced it, feeling thankful and grateful to Him. Our second child came at the right timing, not too fast, not too late, as He knows what we know not. ūüôā

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Bulan Madu di Awan Biru


Went for our winter honeymoon slash my working trip 2 weeks after our wedding. Since it’s a slash working trip, I get to go for free obviously, while F had to pay half-price. And who in the right mind would bring their parents/family member for a honeymoon, right? Well, I did.¬†In the first place, I don’t think using the term honeymoon really fits the bill. But anyways, lets just treat it as one.

It was also my first time following an organized tour, as before this, I would be the one usually in charge of organizing¬†the family’s itinerary. It was a 10 days trip around Turkey: Bursa, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara, Bolu, and Istanbul. I wouldn’t bore you with the day-to-day details, instead will just post some pictures and highlights of the trip.


Played with snow at Mount Uludag and did some serious damage on our pockets as we bought a duvet, of all things! But it’s pretty cheap there for a whole set, so why not?

Had the best and most authentic Iskender Kebab with melted butter. The taste was just, subhanaAllah!


I fell down at the calcareous hot springs of Hierapolis. Obviously something to remember, right?! ūüėõ Again, we bought lots of textiles (towels, bed sheets, etc.) there at the textile center. Not sure why we spent so much money for these kind of stuffs, but I guess being newlyweds at that point of time, we thought it as a necessity. Shrugs.

At the Ancient City of Ephesus, Kusadasi

At the Hot Springs of Hierapolis, Cotton Castle


It was the burial town of the Sufi Jalaluddin al-Rumi. Visited the museum and mausoleum. What we realized here was that, the Turks were quite fascinated with the sepet tourists. They will stop to make conversations with them and took a selfie or two. Like, really, you can see their excitement with these sepets. They probably watched a lot of K-dramas I guess.


No, we didn’t get to stay in a cave hotel. We also didn’t get to ride the hot air balloon first thing in the morning as the weather was too foggy, so they had to cancel the flight. However, after our visit to the Goreme Open Air Museum, the weather was just nice for a flight up, so we rushed to ride the hot air balloon. Mind you, it is once in a lifetime experience which cost USD200 per person. Nonetheless, Alhamdulillah for the safe flight and experience.

With my mum and aunt

Of all street food, kentang ni jugak yang popular

At night, we were brought to taste the best ice-cream ever; Turkish ice-cream! I tell you, even B&J’s couldn’t beat the Turks in creating the awesomest ice-cream ever! The cafe’s called Mado which¬†also has an outlet in Singapore, JEM to be exact.

Also, you can’t say you’ve been to Turkey if you have yet to try their mouth-watering dessert called Kunefe. I’ve tried it¬†before in KL and I tell you, it was love at first bite. But of course, what better way than to try it in the country of its origin.

It was snowing moderately the next morning and all of us were jakun obviously. It was minus 5 degree Celsius and below. Even the swimming pool froze overnight. The mentel me was so intrigued by it, I stepped on the frozen surface of the pool with my foot and… I fell, again.


The capital city and administration of Turkey. Witnessed the change of guards at the Atartuk Mausoleum and it was quite fascinating. The temperature here was really, ma sya’Allah. It was my first winter trip anyway, and I am the kind of person who really cannot tahan sejuk. Nasib tak kejung badan.

Overnight at Bolu, a place where you can feeling-feeling like staying at the cabin in the woods. If any of you intend to stop by Bolu, do visit the lake there and you will feel like in the movies.


Honestly, 2 days in Istanbul will never ever be enough. Seriously. I really dislike it when we have to terkejar-kejar¬†here and there and couldn’t really soak in the culture and atmosphere there. Heck, I didn’t even have time to shop for myself! Asyik sibuk cari souvenirs je, shopping untuk diri sendiri pun tak sempat.

Hopped on the ferry to cruise over at the Bosphorus River. Got the opportunity to pray at the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque. Visited the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia.

There were lots of pushcarts selling pretzels there, to be eaten with or without Nutella. Before I ordered one, there were some other tourists who ordered in English. When it was my turn to order, I ordered in Turkish and guess what, the vendor gave half-price cheaper than the tourists! Dalam hati, tak sia-sia belajar bahasa Turki dalam kapal terbang. Learning a foreign language could be both advantageous and useful, especially when bargaining/haggling.

The first fish meal in Turkey

When it was time to depart, man, do I feel like something were at loss. Really gonna miss the place. Especially with the recent happenings there, my heart really goes out to the people and to the country itself.

Anyways, the good news is, we brought back someone else from Turkey. Till the next post. ūüėČ

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I promised a vendor review in the previous post. However, it has been half a year since the wedding… Dah teramat sangat basi. But give chance la ha. Will just do an overview. Beware of long post ahead.

My Secret Charm

Let’s start with the bridal henna. This one is really a charm; she is a customer-turned-friend. I asked her for a¬†quotation for myself and my bridesmaids, but she just wouldn’t give. She said, “Treat it as a gift for whatever you have done for me and my family.” Terharu sangat. May Allah bless her and her family. But of course, I just couldn’t let her leave empty handed.

Did the henna on Thursday night when initially I requested for Friday night as I dislike dark henna stains that looked like I just dipped my hands in a can of black paint. But she convinced me otherwise. I’ve never been henna-fied before (except for the traditional finger capping during my sister’s wedding), hence not really sure what kind of design to choose. Browsed through instagram and found a minimalist design, which she executed perfectly.

De Manique

I’ve blogged about my solemnization outfit here before. My colleague recommended Kak Tini of De Manique to me, and Alhamdulillah, the dress turned out just like how I imagined it to be. Although a bit pricey, but I wouldn’t mind it at all. Kak Tini came over to my place to take my measurements and collect the fabrics. When it was done, she sent it back for me to try it on before making further alterations if needed. Her works are very meticulous, which the Javanese would call it as telaten.

Source: De Manique

The Bridal Satin

Next up, my bridal vendor. Also blogged about it here before, and to be honest, nothing to be disappointed about regardless being a home-based bridal company. Apparently, all of them including my SIL works/worked for V.ersari A.de before. So ada kena mengena lah.

The outfits were inclusive of husband’s solemnization outfit, traditional songket, and Indian outfit as requested by my FIL. Nak dijadikan cerita, my mum was kinda jealous that my FIL requested for¬†an Indian outfit, so she requested a Javanese outfit for the so called ‘malam berinai’, which in my case, is the night after the solemnization. She said that she would fork out the extra moolah for that. Asalkan dia bahagia sudah.

My SIL did my make-up for the solemnization. I told her before that I wouldn’t wanna wear fake eyelashes, but she insisted since we will be doing an outdoor shoot afterward, so terpaksalah turutkan.

But what I wanna highlight is Kak Yaqyn’s make-up for me on the sanding day was really ma sya’Allah – beyond words! [This statement might be an exaggeration coming from someone who does not¬†wear make-up at all, except during dikir perfomances back then.] I suuuper love her make-up on me please! Plus point is, no fake eyelashes! Kasi chance jakun sekejap k.

Her sister, Kak Nuris, did an awesome job of being my Mak Andam; followed me everywhere, touched up my make-up, helped me get ready/changed outfits, and even sharing beauty tips with my bridesmaids. Dengan dia memang tak kekok. And oh, she even let me wear hand socks for my outfits and totally respect my request to lengthen the shawls to be chest-covering, Alhamdulillah.

Fauziah Cafeteria/Catering

Ni tak payah cakaplah, makanan memang tip top, Alhamdulillah. Cik Mat Noh memang the best lah. Most of the guests sang praises for the awesome food served. Even colleagues from the embassy gave a thumbs up. I regretted not eating more of the Ayam Masak Merah and Oats Prawn. And really menyesal k tak dapat rasa the spaghetti which my mum said cepat habis. Bleargh.

Picture above not taken by official photographer

ISs Wedding Designs

Since my catering package is inclusive of decor from ISs, what we had to do was to come down to their place to discuss the theme, colours, and what not. I actually enquired with Syida¬†on her experience meeting with them. She emphasized to be very strict with them, to follow exactly the things that we chose. I had a hard time choosing the colours as I wouldn’t want the colour of the outfits to tenggelam with the colour of the dais. Having my mum there was not helping at all eh, dua-dua fickle.

So on Thursday night, one of the guys called me while having my henna done, asking me to come down and take a look at the set up. Dengan tangan kaki semua inai belum kering, pukul 12 tu jugak turun bawah just to look at the decor set up. Upon seeing the so called vintage frames, I said no no, I did not request for this. I asked the person to take off those frames there and then. After which, I told them the table arrangements for the audio, cake, candy booth, and also photo booth.

But Alhamdulillah, we didn’t have any big issues with the decor. The only part was the extended dais stage was a tad too high that friends and family members had difficulties going up the dais to take pictures.

Source: ISs Wedding Designs

Source: ISs Wedding Designs


At first, I had doubts when the husband wanted to engage them as our photographers since they are friends of his. They did not have an extensive portfolio nor do they do this on a regular basis, unlike other professional photographers out there. We also had only one meeting with one of the photographers to discuss on our expectations and venue for the outdoor shoot. But I was too quick to judge. On the day itself, they really did an amazing job and chemistry was built instantaneously, Alhamdulillah. Even our friends and family members did not felt awkward with them around. And the best part is, we got our pictures suuuper early!

Photographers and videographer on the left; picture not taken by official photographer


Alhamdulillah, the boys did an awesome job overall. The only thing is that maybe they did not get the memo of not to include one of the songs in their performance. And the 40-seater bus included in their package was such a waste, since our venues were just across the road. Other than that, everything else was fine.

Yeah! Photo Booth

Here’s a shout out to Ima, one of the owners of Yeah! Photo Booth for renting the backdrop to me! It took me a whole lot of time to actually search for the ideal backdrop. Most vendors I enquired with only provide printed canvas backdrop instead of the real deal – a real chalkboard backdrop. Got one of my bridesmaids to do the conteng-conteng, and done. Everything else was taken care of by my photo booth girls.

Picture above not taken by official photographer

Pulut Kuning

After my disappointment with the famous bakery shop, I decided, why not keep traditions alive by having the yellow glutinous rice, or pulut kuning. And Alhamdulillah, it was sponsored by my aunt who has amazing cooking skills. After the wedding, mum packed for us quite a big slice of it to bring home. Put it in the fridge and totally forgot about it until 2 days later. By then, pulut tu pun dah basi. My husband was quite upset as he likes pulut kuning and when we tasted it during the cake cutting, he complimented it.

Bridal Bouquet

My Chubby Bunnies wanted to chip in something, so they informed me beforehand that they will be sponsoring my bridal bouquet. They asked the colour I wanted and the type of flowers I prefer. I told them tak cerewet. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication as they thought that I only need the bouquet on the second day. Hence, there wouldn’t be any bouquet during the solemnization, outdoor shoot, and malam berinai. Again, they came to the rescue and searched for a last minute bouquet on Friday night. Alhamdulillah, I got a mix of red peonies, roses, and calla lilies for just under SGD100!

That’s about it, I guess. All praises due to Allah and only to Him shall our thanks be given for making the wedding a success, Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah.¬†Also, without the help of the people below, things won’t be as smooth as it was.

My tips to future brides-to-be;
sometimes, the last minute things/plans will work out just fine. ūüėČ

Ni part paling sakit hati; ada ke tanya soalan senang, ‘Which primary school I went to?’ ūüė°

My family sans BIL

My in-laws

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

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It’s a Monkey Business…


It has been a while, huh. Like what, 2 months plus? Well, what can I say, being a wife is a tough job, really. The first few months is when every newlyweds are trying to adapt to a whole new living condition; new routines, new rules, new everything, especially when you are living with the in-laws.

But anyways, no matter how hard the situation is, the separation with your family and old habits, laughter and support is key. Having a monkey husband (figuratively, of course) who is always joking around and making me laugh, besides being supportive, has made me cope well thus far. There will be ups and downs obviously, but when you are met with a rainstorm/sandstorm/snowstorm/thunderstorm, you just gotta persevere and endure. After all, sacrifice is part and parcel of a marriage.

So now even though dah dua bulan basi, I will just post some of my wedding pictures here. And with that, I am indirectly revealing myself, which means… I won’t be anonymous anymore! Jeng jeng jeng~

So for those who know me, have seen me somewhere, or akan terserempak in the future, don’t be surprised to see my naked face and compare it with my wedding pictures k. I don’t wear make-up at all, even to weddings or special occasions or whatsoever. So during my wedding is the only time that I have to wear make-up, uh-huh.

And here’s a special shout out to the #BTBsupportgroup, thank you so much for coming girls! Truly appreciate it! And to Aimi of The Awkward Phase¬†who got married on the same day, thank you for the post!¬†Hope it’s not too late to wish you a blissful marriage!

Vendor reviews coming up next!



This will be a non wedding-related post.

I remembered staying in bed that day, when all my friends were already outside the hall waiting for the graduates to come out. I was weighing the option; to go or not to go. In the end, I muster up whatever courage that I had left, and go.

It was an emotional day for me. Looking at my whole batch graduating, without me, it sure hurts. In my heart, I wanted to be in their shoes. I was saying to myself, “I should be among them, graduating together. Why am I here then?” I continued to put on what’s left of my smile and click the day away.

That was 2 years ago. Today, I’m crying buckets. My feelings are all mixed up. I’m not even sure whether I should attend my own convocation. I’m not sure at all.

All I’m thinking of is, do I deserve this? What did I do to deserve this? I am such an unworthy person to deserve it. Such such an unworthy person. I spent my dad’s money to enjoy life at the other side. I made use of all the time I had, sleeping. Skipping classes was a norm. Not a worry in mind about assignments due. I work best at the last minute, I say.

And look at me right now. What did I become? What did I get taking things for granted? What did I benefit from it?

Eventually life took a turn. Every life shall taste death. My father passed away when I was in my final year. I slackened more. I went back to my hometown more frequent than ever. I felt like giving up as there was no point in continuing. I felt like it’s the end. My heart wasn’t there anymore, despite the fact that I was given a chance to graduate the following year.

But constantly, I remind myself time and again, this is what my father would want me to do. This is what my mother would want me to do. To continue on this journey of seeking knowledge, no matter how hard, no matter how long. But my heart just wasn’t there anymore.

I went back to and fro, twice a week, without fail. I had a class in KL on Monday, a class in SG on Tuesday, another class in KL on Thursday, and another class in SG, also on Thursday night. And with only income from weekend classes to pay for the bus tickets.

So tell me, who in the right mind would want to do this crazy travelling to and fro TWICE a week?

Yup, it’s Me.

That is the price I have to pay, I guess. For screwing up my life, for disappointing my parents and siblings, for pushing away close friends, for those reckless moments I had and taken for granted.
I did not give up, but instead, my attitude was reflected on those assignments submitted; soul-less. So are the results.

Nonetheless, it was a meaningful day for me. To be standing and walking on the stage for 3 seconds of fame, taking the scroll and walking away. This is it. The end of it. Although he wasn’t there to witness it, I knew in my heart that this is what he have always wanted. Thank you Pak for believing in me from the start. This, this is for you.

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Of Wedding Favours Part II


Work can get a little bit boring, especially during non-peak season. It’s a leisure business anyway, what can I expect.

Since there’s nothing much to do now, I might as well blog about the wedding favours. I’ve blogged about it before, but due to the fact that mothers will always, ALWAYS want to add this and that even after deciding on one thing, so here’s another post on it.

The chosen wedding favour is a prayer mat bought from Jakarta. It is something inedible and imperishable. So the mother wanted something edible, but obviously not easily perishable. What she had in mind: Chocolates.

When it comes to chocolates, I’m on #teamferrerrocher and she’s on #teamtoblerone and so… we did squabble for some time and I told her that I wouldn’t want to order¬†the chocolates. She resulted calling my uncle and asked for his help.

In the end, there will neither be Ferrero Rocher nor Toblerone. Why? The fact that chocolates will melt and she doesn’t like being kelam kabut packing at the very last minute¬†just because tak nak chocolate tu cair kalau order siang. So okay lor, no chocolates then.

Then one day, after attending a classmate’s wedding, I brought home the wedding favour and showed it to her. Instantly her eyes lit up and satisfaction written all over her face. It was her light bulb moment. This is it, I guess. This would be her perfect edible wedding favour that she insisted to add on. It is non other than…

Yes, it’s Dewberry biscuits yang manis gila nak mamps. But it’s up to her la, really. When we had the disagreement, my aunt came to me and said, “Ikutkan je la kehendak dia. Bila lagi dapat ikutkan¬†kalau bukan sekarang. Nanti kalau dia dah tak ada…” Okay okay, I get it. Stop playing the nanti kalau dia dah tak ada card with me.

As of now, aunts and cousins already helped out with the folding and packing of the prayer mats into the kraft paper bag. Boxed it all up and now left with inserting the biscuits (will be delivered next month) and tie the hang tags ordered from 31 Visuals.

Hang tags ni pun lagi satu cerita.¬†The tags I customized doesn’t have any ‘Thank You’ wordings,¬†pun jadi issue… But in the end, it all came up to one thing: When the guests leave, obviously the host will verbally say thank you what. Right? Case closed.

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Dua Purnama


This post will be in Malay. Do not continue to read if you can’t take it.

Sempena penutup tirai Bulan Bahasa ni, apa kata kita raikannya dengan menulis dalam bahasa ibunda kita, iaitu bahasa Melayu. Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi kan? Walaupun bahasa Melayu bukanlah bidangku di universiti dahulu (bidangku merupakan sosio-budaya Melayu), akan tetapi terasa rindu pula menulis/mengarang dalam bahasa Melayu. Jadi kepada sesiapa yang sudi membacanya, dipersilakan.

Tinggal dua purnama lagi, tetapi masih banyak yang perlu aku kemas kinikan mengenai persiapan walimahku, sehinggakan aku tidak tahu dari mana harus aku mulakan. Mungkin ramai yang sudah tahu bahawa tema majlisku nanti adalah¬†batik. Semenjak kecil lagi aku memang sangat tertarik pada motif atau corak batik yang sangat rumit pada pandangan mata kasar, tetapi indah pada pandangan mata mereka yang bijak menilai dan menghargai seni. Maka batiklah temanya, ala ala wanita Melayu terakhir gitu, hahahaha! ūüėā

Telah menjadi kebiasaan dalam keluargaku untuk memakai sedondon pada majlis-majlis perkahwinan yang lepas, jadi majlis aku juga tidak terkecuali. Aku telah membelikan kain batik bagi semua kaum hawa dalam keluargaku di Kuala Lumpur tahun lepas, dan kain tersebut telah pun diedarkan ketika mengunjung ke rumah mereka pada hari raya yang lalu.

Namun yang membuatkan aku runsing adalah teman-temanku. Kalau nak tahulah, aku mempunyai beberapa kelompok teman yang rapat. Bukan agak rapat, tetapi memang rapat. Mana tidaknya, kami menuntut di sekolah rendah dan sekolah menengah yang sama, kemudian aku bertukar sekolah ke pra-universiti dan kemudiannya ke universiti, lalu berjumpa kembali teman-teman dari skeolah menengah di universiti yang sama. Makin rapatlah jawabnya. Atas sebab itulah aku fikir, sama ada patut atau tidak aku adakan dayang-dayang. Fikir punya fikir, inilah yang dapat aku simpulkan:

Dayang-Dayang A:
Teman-teman karibku dari Darjah 1 hingga kini. Mereka akan mengikutiku ke mana sahaja aku pergi, sehinggalah ke sesi penggambaran luar.

Dayang-Dayang B:
Teman-temanku dari sekolah menengah dan berjumpa kembali di universiti yang sama. Mereka akan menjaga segala hal mengenai meja foto (photo booth).

Dayang-Dayang C:
Teman-teman sebilikku semasa di universiti. Mereka akan menjaga segala hal mengenai meja manisan/kudapan untuk kanak-kanak (candy booth).

Dayang-Dyaang D:
Teman-teman rapat ketika di pra-universiti. Mereka akan menyelia kedua-dua meja tersebut dan keseluruhan majlis.

Mungkin sebahagian orang akan fikir, ini suatu kerja yang gila. Untuk apa ada ramai dayang-dayang? Nak tarik perhatian ke? Atau nak menunjuk? Tidak, semuanya tidak.

Aku tahu dengan adanya mereka, aku tidak perlu terlalu memikirkan perkara-perkara yang remeh-temeh seperti photo booth dan candy booth. Aku juga cukup kenal diri aku sendiri dan juga teman-temanku. Kami amat menghargai antara satu sama lain dan aku percaya tiada istilah ‘menyusahkan’ dalam kamus persahabatan kami. Jadi, aku ingin¬†meraikan mereka dengan apa jua cara sekalipun.

Oleh itu, pada percutianku yang lepas ke Jakarta, aku belikan dayang-dayang tu semua kain batik juga. Tapi kali ni kain batik bercorak moden sikit, lain daripada yang tradisional. Batik-batik tersebut dipadankan dengan kain satin Jepun dari Gim Joo Textile di Arab Street.

Memang tak dinafikan, Bandung merupakan syurga kain, tapi ketahuilah, Jakarta dan Yogyakarta itulah syurga batik. Di Thamrin City, sebuah gedung khas diadakan khusus untuk batik. Berbelanjalah puas-puas di situ. Batik moden yang aku beli tu harganya cuma S$5 untuk 2 meter. Mana tak gila dibuatnya! ūüėĪ

Di kesempatan itu juga, aku membelikan mereka semua buku #88 Love Life. Di kedai buku tu juga terdapat buku nota dari penulis/pelukis ilustrasi yang sama, pun dibeli juga. Tak tahulah kenapa orang di sini jual buku tu dengan harga yang mahal, sampai mencecah S$30! Sedangkan buku tu cuma berharga lebih kurang S$10 je! Tak tahulah nak cakap apa.

Selain tu, aku belikan juga kipas bercorak batik di Batik Keris. Siapa yang tak tahu tentang Batik Keris ni, memang tak pernah jejak Indonesia langsung. Di situlah syurga cenderamata batik, dan segala macam benda berkaitan dengan batik.

Jadi itulah serba sedikit barang-barang yang dimasukkan ke dalam perlengkapan dayang-dayang mereka. Tidak lupa juga sanitizer tangan dari Bath and Body Works yang semerbak harum tu.

Mudah sahaja kan? Tak adalah barang-barang yang gah sangat pun. Barang-barang tersebut pun dibungkuskan dengan bungkusan bercorak batik. Nampak sangat aku ni memang fanatik batik, hehehehe! Harap-harap mereka semua suka dan hargai pemberian yang tidak seberapa ni. ūüėä

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